Business & Corporate

The Law Office of Emrah Artukmac, Esq., P.C. offers its clients a wide range of business and corporate legal services, primarily for small to mid-sized businesses and family-owned operations.


Whether you have been arrested or are being investigated by a federal or state law enforcement agency, it is absolutely vital that you retain an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.


Immigration and Nationality Law is among the most complex and ever-changing fields of law, and addresses one’s ability to lawfully enter and remain in the United States.

Real Estate

The Law Office of Emrah Artukmac, Esq., P.C. are highly skilled in handling both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Call  today and let us help you with your next real estate venture.

The Law Office of Emrah Artukmac, Esq., P.C.

At The Law Office of Emrah Artukmac, Esq., P.C., we provide quality legal services to clients from Long Island, as well as, surrounding areas, offering nearly two decades of experience in the practice of law.

Success stems from personal commitment. A commitment not just to achieve the right result, but a commitment to know and thoroughly understand each client, their stories, and their relationships. Acquiring personal knowledge of each client’s unique situation, goals and concerns allows the firm to properly evaluate a client’s best interests and then design and implement a winning strategy.

How Can We Help?

No matter the legal issue you are facing, you will need an experienced lawyer on your side who can serve to protect your rights. No legal matter is too small to deserve the attention of an experienced attorney, as even a dispute or minor criminal offense can have dramatic effects upon a person’s future and well-being. We welcome you to contact our offices to talk to an attorney about your situation and to see what can be done. By receiving honest and valid legal advice, you will be in a better position to handle whatever legal issue you are facing.